Frequently Asked Questions

"I love one of your motorcycles! What is the normal procedure to make it mine?"

It is always good to give a call or shot an email with some good questions about the bike before deciding to buy it.  We can help you answer any and all questions.  This can help you with your decision making process, and also help establish a good communicating relationship.  Once you have decided on the bike that will suit your needs we can help arrange payment, paperwork, and transportation/pick up. 

"I live close by.  Can I stop in to check out your bikes?"

You sure can.  Bike viewings at our location are encouraged.  We do ask that you set an appointment before heading over.  We ask this because we are only a 2 man crew.  There are times when we have to run errands, pick up bikes, etc.  We are open and working 6 days a week and are very flexible about appointment times. 

"Where do you get your bikes?"

Most of our inventory comes directly from previous owner of the motorcycle.  Either traded in at our store, or we purchased it outright.  We love to hand pick our selection.  We choose quality over quantity.  Instead of buying repossessed or retired rental bikes at auction we prefer to hand pick our bikes. 

"I want to buy the bike but I live far away. What can I do to hold the bike while I arrange transportation/pick up?  I love this bike and would hate for someone else to buy it while I am planning."

We can take deposit over the phone via any major credit card or even through PayPal.  This will lock in the bike for you and give you time to coordinate the logistics on your end.  We will assist you in anyway we can during that process.

"What is the best way to make full payment?"

Certified check, bank check, cash, or bank to bank wire transfer are our acceptable forms of payment.  Personal check can be accepted but no paperwork is done until check has cleared.

"Do you accept PayPal or credit cards for motorcycle purchases?"

We can accept credit cards for deposits.  Same with PayPal.  We do not accept credit cards for full payment. 

"Do you buy motorcycles from individuals like myself?"

Yes we do.  We make selling your motorcycle extremely easy.  Providing secure funds from a legitimate dealer gives you the peace of mind and makes you feel confident in your decision.  We do this every day and know the correct procedures.  We also have the means to pick up your bike and "seal the deal" at your house or place of business.  Literally, give us a call and we can be there the next day to buy your bike.

"I like the way the bike is now, but could you customize it to my personal liking?"

Sure can.  We can trick out your future purchase to your exact style.  Even doing a different set of bars, seat, and exhaust can really change the look and feel of the bike.  We do it to our personal bikes and recommend you do to!

"Why is your location tucked away in an industrial park and not on 'Main St.'?"

We are an internet based dealer.  Rather than have the insane overhead of a "Main St." dealer, we like being off the beat and path.  This means we have less overhead and or savings are passed on to the buyer with competitive prices.  Most of our bikes are sold via the internet, sight un seen. 

"Can I test ride your bikes?"

You can test ride a motorcycle after we have a deal structured. We do not throw keys to anyone who walks in. A deal has to be in place with final payment arranged. You must also have a helmet, gloves, boots, and a motorcycle license. This is very common for any pre owned motorcycle dealership.